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10 Best Paint By Numbers for Teens

Posted by raena moralidad on

10 Best Paint By Numbers for Teens

Looking for the best paint by numbers kits for teens? 


Yep, teenagers can paint by numbers to relax and relieve stress just like adults can. But buying the right set for your teen is important so they can have fun with their kit and keep doing their new hobby.


In this post, you’ll find the best paint by numbers sets along with some tips and tricks to ensure your teen has a blast. 


Here are our top 10 best paint by numbers kits for teens:


Enchanted Fairy Kit


Kit #1: Enchanted Fairy Kit


The Enchanted Fairy Kit contains large sections of color which won’t be too overwhelming for a teen who’s just starting with paint by numbers.


This kit inspires creativity and allows teenagers to venture into a fantasy world to take a much-needed break from today’s society pressures.


Colorful Hearts Kit


Kit #2: Colorful Hearts Kit


Painting large relatable shapes will be less confusing for younger minds, and the universal heart is a symbol all teens are familiar with. 


All Paint Craftology paint by numbers are size 16 x 20'' (40 x 50 cm), the perfect dimension for hanging on the wall and building a teenager’s sense of accomplishment.


Sea Princess Kit


Kit #3: Sea Princess Kit


Sea Princess is absolutely stunning and will appeal to younger teens because of its sense of boundless freedom.


Though mermaids are mythical, younger people tend to understand and relate to them more than adults do. 


Upside Down Giraffe Kit


Kit #4: Upside Down Giraffe Kit


It’s not often we get to be creative and up close to a majestic animal in the wild. The Upside Down Giraffe Kit gives teenagers a fun take on this wild animal while offering easy-to-follow numbered sections.


Like all our Paint Craftology paint by numbers kits, this set includes an optional frame, clearly numbered paint pots with plenty of paint, and three quality brushes.


Mystic Mandala Kit


Kit #5: Mystic Mandala Kit


The Mystic Mandala is a popular choice for teenagers interested in magic, spirituality or mysticism. It’s full of bright, feel-good colors and offers simple shapes to those just getting started with this activity.


Paint by numbers gives teens to become completely immersed in the present, and this aspect helps them to overcome stress factors in everyday life.


Catch the Moonlight Kit


Kit #6: Catch the Moonlight Kit


If you’re looking for a way to keep teenagers off their devices… this is it! 


The Catch the Moonlight Kit will keep them entertained for hours as they bring to life the glow of night sky on the water.


Paint by numbers helps to spark creativity in teens and builds confidence as they complete each activity. 


Black Cat Kit


Kit #7: Black Cat Kit


Black Cat is bound to be a hit with teenagers, especially if they like felines. Teens will appreciate this kit for the mystique and vivid colors.


How about a party? Teens will love a get-together with friends while working on exciting paint by numbers kits like this one. 


Flowers and Skull Kit


Kit #8: Flowers and Skull Kit


It’s normal for teenagers to go through a phase when they’re fascinated by mortality. If your teen is going through a dark phase, the Flowers and Skull Kit is a great way to channel their creativity. 


Cheeky Raccoon Kit


Kit #9: Cheeky Raccoon Kit


Awwweee! Who doesn’t find these fuzzy creatures cuddly? Teenagers are sure to have a blast painting a colorful version of this cute animal.


You Are My Sunshine Kit


Kit #10: You Are My Sunshine Kit


Want to see your teen light up? Then this is the kit for you.


They’ll feel your love every time they pick up their paintbrush to work on it. And when they’re done, it will be a lovely reminder to hang it on their bedroom wall.


Rather than buying a single kit just for your teen… why not pick up a paint by numbers set for yourself too and lead by example?




Paint by numbers can help teens overcome stress while providing a source of creativity and accomplishment. Best paint by numbers kits for teens include Rainbow Unicorn, Hanging Hearts, Blue Mermaid, Magic Stag, Colorful Cat, Catch the Moonlight, Black Cat with Flowers, and Colorful Giraffe Kit. To shop the highest quality paint by numbers kits for teens, go here: Paint Craftology.