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5 Paint By Numbers Accessories We Can't Live Without

Posted by raena moralidad on

5 Paint By Numbers Accessories We Can't Live Without

When you’re beginning to have fun with your PBN hobby, you might wonder if there are paint by numbers accessories you’re missing out on.


Paint by numbers is a fun craft, and getting a few accessories to go along with your kits is a great idea if you want to get the most out of your hobby.


In this post, you’ll discover five amazing paint by numbers accessories you won’t want to live without. So if you’re looking for a way to make your craft time even more fun and relaxing, keep reading. 


Headband Magnifying Glasses With Lamp


Accessory #1: Headband Magnifying Glasses With Lamp

The Headband Magnifying Glasses With Lamp is a customer favorite because it allows the painter to see all the nooks and crannies.


These glasses come with 1x to 3.5x magnification and a long-lasting LED bulb to help you see small details. The headband is comfy so you can wear these for hours!


DIY Wooden Frame


Accessory #2: DIY Wooden Frame


If you’ve ever tried to do a paint by numbers kit without stretching it on a frame first, you might find it a bit awkward. Tightening your canvas on a frame before you work will give you a sturdier surface and make it easier to paint.


All Paint Craftology paint by numbers kits come with an optional frame you can add on to your purchase, and it will arrive together with your rolled canvas if you order it. 


However, if you forgot to include it with your order, get an extra frame sold separately here.


Portable Tabletop Easel


Accessory #3: Portable Tabletop Easel

The Portable Tabletop Easel is a must for saving your back and neck. It also doubles as a storage for your art supplies. 


This high-quality accessory helps you sit straight up instead of crouched over your canvas while you paint, preventing back pain so you feel comfortable as you paint.


The easel comes with four storage compartments that fit your paint by numbers brushes and paints. 


This easel is a must-have if you want to maintain good posture or prevent back and neck aches.


6 Piece Premium Detailed Brush Set


Accessory #4: 6 Piece Premium Detailed Brush Set


All Paint Craftology paint by numbers kits come with three premium brushes. But if you’re interested in painting with intermediate and advanced paint by numbers kits, why not get yourself a Detailed Brush Set for painting tiny areas?


The Premium Detailed Brush Set is one of the best ways to level up your game and make sure you stay within the lines when doing complex paintings.


Paint Brush Cleaning System


Accessory #5: Paint Brush Cleaning System

The Paint Brush Cleaning System is a multifunctional way to keep your brushes organized and ready as you paint.


It contains three compartments for soaking, washing, and rinsing your brushes. It also has 12 slots for storing and drying brushes and a lid that doubles as a painting palette. Cool, right?


There are five accessories that will change your life as a paint by numbers hobbyist. They are: Headband Magnifying Glasses With Lamp, DIY Wooden Frame, Portable Tabletop Easel, 6 Piece Premium Detailed Brush Set, and Paint Brush Cleaning System. If you’re looking for high-quality PBN kits and paint by numbers accessories, go here: Paint Craftology.