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8 Best Paint By Numbers for Kids

Posted by raena moralidad on

8 Best Paint By Numbers for Kids

Are you looking for the best paint by numbers for kids?


Paint by numbers has been a huge hit among adults, but it can also be a big win for children. It sparks creativity, gets your child off their devices, helps them develop hand-eye coordination and starts them off on the right foot with art.


Choosing the right paint by numbers for children is crucial because with the right kit this activity fosters a great sense of accomplishment, building your child’s self esteem. 


In this post, we reveal our pick of the 8 best paint by numbers kits for kids so your child can enjoy their hobby right away. 


You are My Sunshine Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #1: You are My Sunshine Kit


The You are My Sunshine Kit is a fantastic paint by numbers kit for your child because it has simple shapes that are easy to manage.


This kit is 16'' x 20'' (40 x 50 cm), making it the perfect size for children to enjoy and hang on the wall when they’re done.


Colorful Fish Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #2: Colorful Fish Kit


The fun riot of colors in Colorful Fish is popular and well-loved among kids because it has so much personality. It’s just so cute!


All Paint Craftology kits come with an optional frame for tightening the canvas to make it easier for your child to work on their craft.


Baby Giraffe Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #3: Baby Giraffe Kit


It’s so hard not to love giraffes. These tall, curious animals reflect grace and confidence.


Baby Giraffe Kit is one of the best kits for kids because of the large, dynamic shapes that make it easier for young painters to stay within the lines.


Paint by numbers allows your child to feel a strong sense of achievement as they work hard to finish their masterpiece. 


Sea Princess Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #4: Sea Princess Kit


Sea Princess Kit has an age-appropriate fantasy theme and features easy-to-follow painting. It prompts kids to use their imagination as they explore “what could be” under the surface of the sea.


Giving your child a paint by numbers kit is a great way to develop their fine motor skills. It also builds your child’s patience, attention to detail and confidence in a playful and creative way.


Colorful Dog Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #5: Colorful Dog Kit


Children love pets, so getting your child Colorful Dog Kit will be an all-around win. This design features fun and vivid shapes your child can quickly enjoy.


When you’re shopping for paint by numbers kits, make sure you look for sets which provide plenty of paint so your child can apply several coats whenever needed.


Red Poppy Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #6: Red Poppy Kit


Brilliant and bold, the spectacular beauty of red poppies is truly eye-catching. The Red Poppy kit will boost creativity and help your child unleash their inner artist.


All Paint Craftology paint by numbers come with lots of top-quality pre-mixed paint so your child can relax and have a good time with their craft.


Colorful Trees Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #7: Colorful Trees Kit


Looking for a way to get your child to take a break from their devices?


Paint by numbers is the answer. The Colorful Trees Kit offers them a wonderful connection to nature in an abstract, fun way.


Make sure you get kids a handy paint by numbers easel so you’re not contributing to slouching and future back issues.  


Enjoy the Ride Paint by Numbers Kit


Paint By Numbers #8: Enjoy the Ride Kit


Life is like a roller coaster… and kids will want a reminder to enjoy life. Enjoy the Ride Kit contains a lovely message to be optimistic, positive, and see the beauty of it all. 


This kit contains everything your child needs to get started: A clear numbered canvas, plenty of paint and three quality brushes.



Paint by numbers is a fantastic way to spark creativity and keep kids occupied for hours. Best paint by numbers kits for kids include You are My Sunshine, Colorful Fish, Baby Giraffe, Sea Princess, Colorful Dog, Red Poppy, Colorful Trees, and and Enjoy the Ride Kit. To buy the highest quality paint by numbers for kids, go here: Paint Craftology.