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How to Flatten Your Paint By Numbers Canvas

Posted by raena moralidad on

How to Flatten Your Paint By Numbers Canvas

Looking for the best way to flatten your paint by numbers canvas?


It’s not uncommon for your paint by numbers to show up creased, which means you’ll need to figure out how to flatten it. 


Happily, there are easy ways to remedy the wrinkled canvas.


In this post, you’ll discover the best way to get rid of the creases so you can sit down and enjoy your paint by numbers kit. If you want to know the best way to flatten your paint by numbers canvas, keep reading.


How to Flatten Your Paint By Numbers Canvas


If you notice your canvas has wrinkles, you may consider trying to get rid of them by tightening the canvas on to a frame.


But in many cases, wrinkles require a bit more smoothing than the usual method. Try this step-by-step approach for flattening your canvas:


Step #1: Iron Your Canvas


Lay the canvas on an ironing board and set your iron to a medium temperature. Be sure to place a tea towel between the iron and canvas so it doesn’t burn.


Press the iron hard against the teatowel to smooth out the canvas’ wrinkles. Be careful not to leave the iron sitting too long in any one spot.


Don’t be tempted to use water or steam, as that could ruin your canvas. 


Step #2: Tighten Your Canvas


Your Paint Craftology canvas comes with an optional frame, and it’s a good idea to buy it because painting on a stretched, smooth surface always gets a better result.


To tighten your canvas, start by laying it flat on a table. Then, place the flat side of the frame down on the canvas, making sure to align the sides parallel.


Stretch one side at a time over the frame and fasten with thumbtacks. 


Lastly, fold the corner edges over the frame and finish securing with the thumbtacks. Go here to see more detailed instructions.


Step #3: Always Store the Canvas Framed


Now that you’ve ironed and tightened your canvas, you’re ready to paint. But there’s one more thing to watch out for, and that’s storage.


Once your paint by numbers is framed the way you want it, don’t remove the frame, or roll the canvas to store it. Removing the frame could wrinkle the canvas, ruining all your beautiful work.


Instead, store your canvas intact on the frame to prevent future creases. You can also opt to store your canvas on an easel.



Flattening your canvas before you paint is a good idea if your paint by numbers kit has arrived with a few wrinkles. To flatten, go over it with a hot iron, but don’t use steam or water. Then use a frame to stretch and tighten the canvas. After doing these steps, you should see the wrinkles in your canvas disappear so you can sit down and enjoy your craft. If you’re looking for top-quality painting by numbers sets that include frames for tightening the canvas, check out our wide selection here: Paint Craftology.