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How to Frame Your Paint By Numbers Kit

Posted by raena moralidad on

How to Frame Your Paint By Numbers Kit

Wondering how to frame your paint by numbers kit? It might look a bit intimidating at first, but framing a canvas is easier than you think.


Once you learn how to do it, you’ll soon be an old pro at framing your future PBN canvases. However, if it’s your first time it’s good to have instructions to follow.


In this post, you’ll get instructions for building your Paint Craftology frame and stretching your canvas, so you can get started painting right away.


Should You Use a Frame For Your Paint By Numbers Kit?


Short answer: Yes. Using a frame will stretch your canvas and make it easier to paint. This method allows you to work on a tightened surface, and you’ll probably enjoy your craft more.


It’ll also make it more transportable in case you want to move your painting to another room or work outdoors.


And happily, you’ll be able to use the same frame for hanging your picture on the wall afterward. Yay for a multitasking frame!


Note: You might have seen the term, “stretcher bars” floating around. When it comes to PBN, stretcher bars and frame mean the same thing.


How to Frame Paint By Numbers: What You’ll Need


  • Your Canvas

  • 9 Thumbtacks (included with all Paint Craftology frames)


Keep in mind, your frame should always be the same size as your canvas. At Paint Craftology, our canvases and frames both measure 16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm).


DIY Wooden Frame


At Paint Craftology, we offer a frame option with your kit, or you can buy a frame separately here.


How to Frame Paint By Number Canvas: Step By Step Instructions


If you want to know how to stretch your paint-by-number canvas, look no further. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to stretch your paint by numbers with a wooden frame:


Step 1

Gather all your components and lay them on a table or another flat surface.


Step 2

Your frame comes with two short pieces and two long pieces. Each end has a groove, making it easy to assemble.


Using the groove, fit a short and a long piece together. Do the same with the other pieces until you’ve assembled all four sides.


Lastly, straighten your frame so each corner forms a 90-degree angle.


Step 3

Now you’re ready to stretch the canvas over your frame. If your canvas has any wrinkles, iron it to get it completely smooth before you begin stretching. Always iron on a low heat, with fabric between the iron and your canvas.


Unroll the canvas and lay it flat on the table. Place the frame on top of your canvas and make sure it’s lined up evenly on all sides.


The ridged side of the frame should be facing you so you can easily stretch the material, and the flat side should face down on the canvas, so the inner edge won’t have a noticeable mark.


Step 4

Beginning with a long side, pull the canvas over the frame and secure it with a thumbtack. A good practice is to only push each thumbtack in halfway, just in case you need to remove and start over.


Place a second thumbtack on the other long side. At this point, you should take time to make sure your canvas is still parallel to the frame.


Step 5

Place a thumbtack into each short side of the frame.


Step 6

Now it’s time to affix the corners of the canvas to the frame. Fold two sides of a canvas corner over a frame corner and secure it with one thumbtack. Do the same at the other three corners.


Step 7

Secure the canvas with the remaining thumbtacks. If you’re happy with your canvas and framing job, go ahead and push the thumbtacks all the way into the wood.


Step 8

Voila. You’re done and ready to get started painting. Nice work!



Stretching your paint by numbers with a frame is a good way to tighten the canvas and make it easier to paint. You’ll be able to use the same frame for hanging your picture on the wall afterward. Woohoo!


To purchase the best quality paint by numbers with frames, go here: Paint Craftology.


To buy a 16" x 20" (40 x 50 cm) frame separately, click here.