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What Is Paint By Numbers?

Posted by raena moralidad on

What Is Paint By Numbers?

If you’ve recently come across paint by numbers, you might be wondering if you should get yourself a kit.


This fun activity is gaining popularity among adults, and the designs you’ll find on the market today are more elaborate and creative than ever.


In this post, you’ll dive in deep to find out about this wildly addictive hobby, so you can decide whether it’s right for you.


What is Paint By Numbers?


Paint by numbers is an artistic painting system where a prepared work board is divided into several numbered compartments according to color.


To begin painting, you dip your brush into the associated paint pot and work through each numbered section on your canvas.


Easy, right? You won’t believe how much magnificent art you’ll be able to collect and hang on your wall using this simple system!


This craft is perfect for beginning painters who want a helpful guide and numbered instructions to create a stunning piece of art.


Paint by numbers hits a sweet spot for many crafting enthusiasts, and it’s an absolute must-have for anyone who wants something fun and relaxing to do.


What Does Paint By Numbers Mean?


Paint by numbers allows you to suddenly become Picasso and DaVinci without having a ton of artistic ability.


The numbers on the painting board tell you exactly which colors to choose and where to paint.


Your paint by numbers set should come in a complete kit, so that all you need to do is receive your package in the mail and follow the numbered instructions.


Is Paint By Numbers Good For Adults?


Absolutely! If you’re new to paint by numbers, you’ll notice lots of adults are doing paint by numbers as a relaxing hobby to relieve stress.


Paint by numbers is a super fun and creative way to spend time, learn a new skill, and relax.


What is a Paint-by-Number Kit?


A paint-by-number kit is an easy painting system that helps you create art without needing to have a lot of artistic ability.


Your chosen painting could be vivid flowers, a landscape, an animal or any other colorful image.


The best paint by numbers kits will include these components:


  • Pre-mixed paint so you don’t have to do any mixing yourself.

  • A clearly numbered canvas you can easily follow.

  • Quality brushes to use for large and small areas.

  • Plenty of paint to complete your painting, even if you need to apply several coats.

  • A frame to tighten your canvas while you work.


Any paint by numbers kit you buy should always come with everything you need to do your exciting new hobby, especially if it’s your very first time.


Where to Buy a Paint By Numbers Kit?


Are you looking to buy a paint by numbers kit online? Paint Craftology has high-quality paint by numbers kits you’ll enjoy for oodles of hours.


Plus, our 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee makes it a total no-brainer for anybody looking to get started with this amazing hobby.


Choose your favorite paint by numbers kit here.



Paint by numbers is an easy-to-do artistic numbering system that’s already divided and labeled for you. Many adults choose to do paint by numbers to relieve stress and anxiety. Each kit should contain everything you need to get started, including a canvas, frame, paint, and brushes. To get your high-quality paint by numbers kit now, go here: Paint Craftology.