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10 Best Paint By numbers Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for the best paint by numbers tips and tricks to help you create an amazing painting? 

Paint by numbers allows you toquickly become the artist you've always wanted to be with the helpfulguidelines provided in each kit.

That said, if you want to levelup your work and create a masterpiece, you’re gonna want to learn a fewshortcuts first. And as with any skill, practice helps a lot, so be patientwith yourself while you learn.

Here are 10 paint by numbers tipsto help you create a painting you’ll love:

Tip #1: Iron Your Canvas Before You Begin 

Let’s be real … transportation is never perfect, and you might see a few wrinkles here and there when your canvas arrives. To get rid of wrinkles, pass an iron over the material and let it cool before you begin working.


Voila – a wrinkle-free paint by numbers canvas!

Tip #2: Use an Easel and Frame

Many of our customers havereported they work on their paint by numberssets for a whopping six hours in one sitting. Whoaaa!

Using an easel will save your backand neck from pain as you tirelessly complete your craft, and it’ll allow youto work from anywhere. That’s why our Paint Craftology Portable Tabletop Easel is highly valued among true artists.

Also check out our DIY Wooden Frame,which you can use to stretch your canvas. Purchasing an Easel and Frame makesit super easy to hold your canvas upright and sturdy.

Plus, you can use the frame tohang your painting on the wall afterward. Brilliant!