About Us

Hey Craft Lovers, welcome to Paint Craftology! 

We are Simon, Jessica and Chris, three friends who share a love of all things crafting. We founded Paint Craftology to spread the magic of paint by numbers to craft lovers everywhere.

We are a small business so we treat our customers with the respect, loyalty and kindness they deserve. Our customers are our heroes!

Paint Craftology founders Simon, Jessica and Chris 

Why Paint By Numbers?

Many people find paint by numbers the perfect way to de-stress from difficult life situations, heal from trauma, anxiety or cope with chronic pain. Others find it helps them recharge after a hard day at work or caring for family.

Trust me, we’ve been there! We know firsthand how much painting and crafts can help you through life’s difficult times.

So whatever your circumstances, we feel honoured to help you heal and relax through this heart-warming hobby anyone can do from home.

How it all began

When we first discovered paint by numbers we loved it, but we were disappointed by the poor quality you find with many cheaper brands. 

The paint was patchy, the brushes would shed bristles and the canvas easily tore. The numbers on the canvas were often so small it was hard to read them!

We felt craft lovers like us deserved better. So we decided to go into production making our own paint by numbers kits.

With the help of our online crafting communities, we set out to build the highest quality paint by numbers kits in the world.

We listened carefully to our customers and adjusted every element of our kits to meet their high standards. 

The result is a kit we are very proud of!

Paint Craftology kits now feature a premium, clearly numbered canvas that is rolled over a tube so you don’t get wrinkles. Each kit also contains three quality brushes of different sizes, and a set of bright, beautiful paints that glide on smoothly.

You also get tracked international shipping, our legendary customer service and a hassle-free 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

More than a store

When you place your first order, you become part of the Paint Craftology family. 

We welcome you into our online communities, boost your confidence with tips to get you started, and help you share your masterpieces with fellow paint by numbers enthusiasts.

And if you’re keen to explore other crafting kits, you can also check out our sister stores Scratch Craftology and Home Craftology.

If you run into any issues please rest assured, we will look after you. Our customers mean the world to us and we treat you like royalty!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, please enjoy the Paint Craftology Paint By Numbers Experience!