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10 Super-Colorful Paint By Numbers Kits

Posted by raena moralidad on

10 Super-Colorful Paint By Numbers Kits

Are you ready to channel your inner Picasso?


Great! Because with a little help from Paint Craftology, we’re letting you experience the artistic feeling of working with a gorgeous riot of colors.


Here are our top picks for the most colorful Paint By Numbers kits of all time:

Colorful Hearts Kit


1. Colorful Hearts Kit


With its beautiful and lively color scheme, the Colorful Hearts Kit can cheer up any room it’s hung in. This one is sure to be everyone’s favorite!


Field of Colorful Flowers Kit


2. Field of Colorful Flowers Kit


This kit takes on the stunning scenery of a field of flowers with soft, soothing colors the perfect design for a relaxing paint by numbers experience.


Blue Mandala Kit


3. Blue Mandala Kit


The Blue Mandala is one of a kind and will brighten any space. Stuck for gift ideas? This is the perfect gift for any craft-loving guy or gal who likes decorative art pieces.


Mystic Mandala Kit


4. Mystic Mandala Kit


Mandala paintings bring good energy to any room they’re placed in. Whether a gift for yourself or for a loved one, this one brings an essential addition to anyone’s home or office.


Motherhood Kit


5. Motherhood Kit


Combined with the loving emotions between a mother and her baby giraffe, and the charming display of colors, this special painting depicts one of the most beautiful bonds ever.

Blue Orchid Mandala Kit


6. Blue Orchid Mandala Kit


The perfect piece for anyone who favors a gorgeous chaos of colors, Blue Orchid Mandala adds some unique art to your space.


Enlightenment Kit

7. Enlightenment Kit


An exceptionally imaginative painting full of vibrant colors, the Enlightenment Kit delves deep into one of man’s biggest feats–reaching enlightenment.


Colorful Dog Kit


8. Colorful Dog Kit


A dog is man’s best friend and a loyal house member. Perfect for any dog lover, this kit is definitely a keeper on your wall.


Colorful Trees Kit


9. Colorful Trees Kit


With its vibrant and cheerful design, Colorful Trees is a pleasure to paint and would make a stunning décor in your home.


Walk Along the Boulevard Kit


10. Walk Along the Boulevard Kit


A romantic kit featuring a couple walking together into the distance–it’s a perfect gift for your significant other.

Bright splashes of colors make a painting come to life! If you’re looking for super-colorful gifts, take your pick from this list and enjoy creating one-of-a-kind work of art.