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Are Paint By Numbers Difficult?

Posted by raena moralidad on

Are Paint By Numbers Difficult?

Are paint by numbers hard? It’s a question many people ask before they try this exciting hobby.


Nooo, paint by numbers is not hard. In fact, it’s the perfect solution for beginners looking to dive into the world of art.


In this post, you’ll find out about the difficulty level of paint by numbers and how to choose a beginner-friendly paint by numbers kit you can enjoy.


How Easy is Paint By Numbers?


Paint by numbers isn’t hard. In fact, PBN helps to melt stress away as you become completely immersed in creating your masterpiece. 


To do paint by numbers, all you need to do is:


    1. Follow the numbered guidelines on the canvas.

      1. Dip your brush into the corresponding paint pot.

        1. Paint!


            Now, there are a few tips and techniques you’ll want to do to master your craft, but overall, this hobby is super easy to learn.


            What Should a Kit Contain?


            Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro at paint by numbers, you’ll want to get a kit that contains everything you need to paint.


            Why? Because it’ll make life easier


            Here’s what your kit should contain:


            • A high-quality, rolled canvas.

            • Plenty of pre-mixed acrylic paint with clearly marked numbers.

            • A premium set of brushes to handle wide and narrow strokes.

            • A frame to stretch your canvas over, so you have a secure surface to paint on.


            Paint Craftology offers the highest quality paint by numbers kits that contain everything you need to get started. That way you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re ready to sit down and relax.


            Which Canvas Size is Best for Beginners?


            We get this question a lot from people looking to jump into their new hobby with all bases covered. 


            Some beginners find larger canvases make it too cumbersome to reach all four corners of the painting comfortably. Plus, large paintings tend to be a little intimidating, especially for beginners.


            Therefore, the best canvas size for beginning painters is 16 x 20” / 40 x 50 cm. This medium size is perfect for accommodating a wide range of designs without being too large or overwhelming for the painter.


            A 16 x 20” / 40 x 50 cm canvas will allow you to enjoy your hobby for many hours, and it’s a wonderful size to hang on a wall afterwards. That’s why we made all Paint Craftology kits this size.


            What Are Some Good Paint By Numbers Kits for Beginners?


            If you’re a beginner looking to get into paint by numbers, you’re going to want to start with paintings that feature large shapes. 


            Having too many small, intricate details can be intimidating and difficult to paint when you’re just starting. 


            Here are a few beginner’s paint by numbers kits you’re bound to enjoy:


            Pink Magnolias Kit



            You are My Sunshine Kit



            Black Cat Kit



            Birds and Blossoms Kit



            Fishing at Sunset Kit



            Colorful Hearts Kit




            How hard is paint by numbers? It’s easy, but you’ll want to start off with the right kits. Your kit should contain a rolled canvas, pre-mixed paint, brushes, and a frame. You’ll want to choose a 16 x 20” / 40 x 50 cm canvas with a design that has larger shapes so you can jump right in and enjoy your painting. To shop high-quality paint by numbers kits that are perfect for beginners, click here for our Beginner Friendly Collection.