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7 Best Paint By Numbers Kits for Beginners

Posted by raena moralidad on

7 Best Paint By Numbers Kits for Beginners

Looking for some paint by numbers kits for beginners so you can ease into your new hobby and have a good time?


Paint by numbers is a super fun craft that will allow you to create beautiful artwork without spending years to develop skill.


In this post, you’ll discover seven paint by numbers kits that are perfect for anyone looking to get into this exciting craft.


Black Cat Paint by Numbers Kit


Kit #1: Black Cat Kit


Purrrr … Black Cat is perfect for the cat lover because it features many large shapes. Larger sections tend to be easier to paint when you’re a beginner.


This kit is 16'' x 20'' (40 x 50 cm), and it’s available with a frame option for tightening your canvas.


Tropical Dream Beach Paint by Numbers Kit


Kit #2: Tropical Dream Beach Kit


Tropical Dream Beach Kit will bring joy into your life as you dream of splashing and playing in the wide-open tropical beaches.


Can you imagine hanging this one on a bedroom wall after you’re done? You’d wake up to a gorgeous scene every morning!


Birds and Blossoms Paint by Numbers Kit


Kit #3: Birds and Blossoms Kit


Birds and Blossoms Kit is a beautiful representation of the change of seasons and new life. This kit features cute birds and newly bloomed flowers to awaken the senses.


Did you know that this kit and all other Paint Craftology paint by numbers sets come with three quality brushes? A good variety of brushes makes it easier to focus on wide and narrow areas.


Colorful Dog Paint by Numbers Kit


Kit #4: Colorful Dog Kit


Colorful Dog Kit is a dog-lovers’ dream, and it’s an excellent one for beginners because the shapes are large and abstract.


Abstract animal art tends to be bright, easy, and well-structured for people just starting out with paint by numbers.


You’ll enjoy painting the vivid colors as you cozy up with your favorite beverage, brush in hand.


Motherhood Paint by Numbers Kit


Kit #5: Motherhood Kit


If you want something that will claim your heart more than the Colorful Dog, go for the Motherhood Kit.


Simple details make life look better, and this mother and baby giraffe is no exception. Buy this beginner’s paint by numbers kit if you are facing a tough challenge in life, and use it to remind yourself of your loved ones.


Elegant Woman Paint by Numbers Kit


Kit #6: Elegant Woman Kit


The Elegant Woman Kit is another fantastic one for paint by numbers newbies because of the larger and easier sections.


This kit will bring out your inner artist as you marvel at how creative you can be!


Pink Magnolias Paint by Numbers Kit


Kit #7: Pink Magnolias Kit


The Pink Magnolias Kit is a beautiful option for beginners who want to dive into nature with the classical beauty of pink magnolias.


This high-quality canvas or any other you choose from Paint Craftology will always arrive carefully rolled and clearly numbered, so you can enjoy creating your painting right away.



If you’re a beginner just starting out with paint by numbers, you’ll want to avoid complex designs and choose kits that feature large sections. To purchase the highest-quality beginners paint by numbers kits on the market, go here: Paint Craftology.