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10 Best Paint By Numbers Tips and Tricks

Posted by raena moralidad on

10 Best Paint By Numbers Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for the best paint by numbers tips and tricks to help you create an amazing painting?


Paint by numbers allows you to quickly become the artist you've always wanted to be with the helpful guidelines provided in each kit.


That said, if you want to level up your work and create a masterpiece, you’re gonna want to learn a few shortcuts first. And as with any skill, practice helps a lot, so be patient with yourself while you learn.


Here are 10 paint by numbers tips to help you create a painting you’ll love:


Tip #1: Iron Your Canvas Before You Begin


Let’s be real … transportation is never perfect, and you might see a few wrinkles here and there when your canvas arrives. To get rid of wrinkles, pass an iron over the material and let it cool before you begin working.


Voila – a wrinkle-free paint by numbers canvas!


Tip #2: Use an Easel and Frame


Many of our customers have reported they work on their paint by numbers sets for a whopping six hours in one sitting. Whoaaa!


Portable Tabletop Easel


Using an easel will save your back and neck from pain as you tirelessly complete your craft, and it’ll allow you to work from anywhere. That’s why our Paint Craftology Portable Tabletop Easel is highly valued among true artists.


DIY Wooden Frame 

Also check out our DIY Wooden Frame, which you can use to stretch your canvas. Purchasing an Easel and Frame makes it super easy to hold your canvas upright and sturdy.


Plus, you can use the frame to hang your painting on the wall afterward. Brilliant!


Tip #3: Use a Magnifying Glass


Paint by numbers kits can be incredibly detailed these days, and that makes it hard to stay within the lines and identify numbers on small fields.


Magnifying Glass with Table Clamp
Headband Light With Magnifying Glasses

Try using a magnifying glass. You’ll give your eyes a break and you’ll have a much easier time creating a painting you’ll love. Two options are available: You can either use a handy Magnifying Glass with Table Clamp or you can use a convenient Headband Light With Magnifying Glasses.


Tip #4: Start from the Top Corner and Work Downwards


Begin painting the top corner and go number by number. Wondering whether to do paint by numbers light or dark first? Go from light to dark.


Also, keep in mind you may need to apply multiple coats with some of the lighter colors. Make sure you let the paint dry between coats.


If you’re ever worried about your hand smudging your work, it’s not usually an issue because our paint dries within 1/2 an hour.


Tip #5: Use a White-Out Pen or A White Pencil to Cover Numbers


Imagine this … you’re painting a section with a lighter color, and the number shows through. Sooo, you end up applying several coats to cover it up, and now you’re nervous about running out of paint.


Here’s how to avoid that scenario: Right before you fill in a space with color, use your white-out pen or white pencil to “hide” the number.


If you’ve already begun painting the light-colored field, and it’s too late to use the whiting technique, just try applying tiny paint layers over the number with a needlepoint brush.


Tip #6: Keep Your Work Area Clean


Admittedly, it’s tough to keep the area sparkly clean when you have paint around. But maintaining a tidy workspace can really help to make your hobby more relaxing and peaceful.


Paint Brush Organizer


Place a damp towel nearby to wipe your brushes off and then keep your brushes organized with our Paint Brush Organizer. The organizer holds up to 49 brushes, so you won’t be scrambling to find a brush at the last minute.


Paint Brush Cleaning System


Want a container for your water too? Go for the Paint Brush Cleaning System, which holds brushes and water. Plus, the lid doubles as a handy color palette.


Tip #7: Keep your Paint Moist and Even


Keeping your paint moist will help the paint flow onto the canvas better and it’ll make it easier to apply even paint. Try adding a few drops of water in your paint and mixing it to avoid clumping and for a more even flow.


Also, remember to close your paint pot lids after you’ve dipped your brush to keep the paint from drying out.


Tip #8: Buy a Professional Set of Brushes for Details


Paint Craftology always gives you three quality brushes with every kit, and it’s enough for beginning crafters. But when you want to advance with your hobby … three brushes will limit your skills.


You’ll want to be able to paint the smallest of details with a tiny brush and speed through the larger sections with a broad brush.


Premium Assorted Brush Set


10-piece Premium Assorted Brush Set


So, we offer two sets of advanced premium brushes: A 6-Piece Premium Detailed Brush Set and a 10-piece Premium Assorted Brush Set.


If you want to become a detailed and skilled artist, knock yourself out with a great brush set.


Tip #9: Blend Colors to Make it Realistic


If you’re starting to become a pro at paint by numbers, you might be interested in learning how to blend your colors more. Paint by numbers blending will allow your painting to look authentic and realistic.


To blend or blur the colors, brush at the edges of a wet section into the adjacent field with a dry brush. Also try zig-zagging a bit between the sections to blend and soften the two colors. Use a damp towel to wipe off your brush occasionally.


Tip #10: Save Unused Paint for Next Time


Your Paint Craftology kit always comes with plenty of paint, but you know … stuff happens.


For instance, you may have had to apply several layers to a light-colored field because you forgot to white-out the number first (see tip #5 above). Or maybe you were super ambitious, and you went over a section waaay too many times.


This is why you want to avoid throwing unused paint away. You never know when you may need it.


If you always save your unused paint, you’ll have an endless collection to use whenever you’re running low.



The above “how to paint by numbers tips” will make painting easier and it’ll help advance your crafting skills quickly so you can start loving your new hobby. If you want to find out where you can get high-quality paint by numbers kits to practice all these amazing techniques … go here to check out the best collections: Paint Craftology.