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Where to Buy Your Paint By Numbers Kits

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Where to Buy Your Paint By Numbers Kits

Are you wondering where to buy your paint by numbers kits? Paint by numbers is perfect for people who want to create amazing art but who don’t necessarily possess Vincent Van Gogh’s skills.


This fun hobby is quickly becoming popular among adults and you can find a wider selection available on the market now more than ever.


In this post, you’ll uncover the secrets of finding high-quality paint by numbers kits, so you’ll never end up with the cheap stuff when it’s time to enjoy your craft.


If you want to know where to buy your paint by numbers kits, keep reading.


What Stores Sell Paint By Numbers?


You can try looking for paint by numbers at local craft shops, but the selection is always limited at these brick and mortar stores because they need to inventory all types of crafts.


So, rather than looking for paint by numbers in store, or searching for “paint by numbers kits near me” …


Try shopping for quality kits from an online retailer. Like us!


At Paint Craftology, we offer a wide range of the highest quality paint by numbers designs, including animals, people, landscapes, oceans, flowers, abstract paintings, and much more.


Paint By Numbers: Where to Buy


All too often, we hear horror stories of beginning hobbyists who thought they were getting a great buy from a cheap dealer but then found out they had to mix their own paint or purchase additional paint to finish their craft.


Always purchase your paint by numbers kits from online retailers who specialize in providing high-quality crafts and excellent customer service.


Paint Craftology has a team of 15 members whose sole job is to keep customers happy.


Our wonderful customers keep us updated through our fun online community where we discuss everything they want in their paint by numbers kits, and more.


That’s how we’re able to keep fresh and updated designs in the store and knock out the ones that aren’t really serving our customers.


How to Buy the Best Paint By Numbers Kit


Paint by numbers is a wonderful, stress-relieving hobby, but it’s crucial to buy the right kit so you won’t be disappointed while working on your craft.


Here’s what to look for in a paint by numbers kit:


  • Higher-Quality Canvas. Not all canvases are created equal, and many of our customers have said they’ve wasted time and money on poor quality canvases. To avoid getting duped by cheap retailers, buy your premium wrinkle-free canvas from Paint Craftology so you can head straight to the “enjoying your hobby” part.

  • Clearly Numbered Paint Pots. Oily fingers can sometimes cause the numbers on your pots to slowly disappear into the abyss, leaving you confused about which colors to use. So, make sure you buy clearly labeled paint pots with numbers that don’t smear off.

  • Pre-Mixed Paints With the Perfect Consistency. Your paints should provide good coverage, but they should never be so thick that they dry out. Buy pre-mixed paints at the right consistency so you’ll never have to worry about running low on supplies or mixing paint at home.


Paint By Numbers: Order Online


Still wondering which paint by numbers to buy? Paint Craftology offers the best selection, we ship internationally, and we’re perfect for those looking for premium paint by numbers kits.


We work tirelessly to create the perfect buying experience for you, and we stand behind our paint by numbers kits. All Paint Craftology’s paint by numbers kits come with an iron-clad 90-day money back guarantee so there’s never any worry about buying from us.


If you’re tired of searching for the best paint by numbers kit to buy, and you want to be sure you make the right choice, tap here to shop for your favorites today.



Buying a paint by numbers kit is easy if you know what to look for. But rather than searching for “paint by numbers store near me”, just look for online stores that offer a high-quality canvas, clearly numbered paint pots, and enough pre-mixed paint to finish your painting. To access our vast selection of paint by numbers designs and our amazing customer support team, go here: Paint Craftology.