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7 Best Paint By Numbers Gift Ideas

Posted by raena moralidad on

7 Best Paint By Numbers Gift Ideas

When you’re looking for the best paint by numbers gift ideas, you’ll want to think about a few things before you buy. 


For instance, how experienced is your gift recipient with paint by numbers? And are you buying for a child or an adult?


In this post, you will find several gift options that will help spark great gift ideas for your friend or family member. Scroll down and check out all the fun paint by numbers gift ideas below.


Colorful Dog Kit


Gift #1: Colorful Dog Kit


Does your gift recipient like dogs? If so, they’ll love Colorful Dog Kit. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is just starting out with paint by numbers, but experienced PBN hobbyists will appreciate its simplicity too.


Paint by numbers is a wonderful activity that promotes relaxation, and Colorful Dog Kit is ideal for kids and adults alike.


Sunlit Waves Kit


Gift #2: Sunlit Waves Kit


Who doesn’t want to look at the beauty of clear sunlit waters every day? Your gift recipient will appreciate the simplicity of this paint by numbers kit as they look off into the relaxing ocean distance. 


This beginner-friendly kit comes with a 16” x 20'' (40 x 50 cm) canvas, three quality brushes, and plenty of paint to complete their PBN kit. 


Swimming Sea Turtle Kit


Gift #3: Swimming Sea Turtle Kit


Our Swimming Sea Turtle Kit is a longtime bestseller, and we’re always hearing great things about its beauty and vibrant colors. 


As one customer said, “There is so much movement in this design that you feel you are floating in the ocean with this turtle.”


Because of the intricate details, this kit is best for the hobbyist who already has a couple of paint by numbers experiences under their belt. The kit comes with an optional frame for tightening the canvas.


Headband Magnifying Glasses With Lamp


Gift #4: Headband Magnifying Glasses With Lamp


Headband Magnifying Glasses may seem unnecessary at first… until your gift recipient wears them for the first time and notices their PBN hobby is suddenly much more fun.


Get this accessory for the experienced paint by numbers fan and then let them thank you for giving them the gift of sight!


Santorini Coast Kit


Gift #5: Santorini Coast Kit


This brightly colored landscape will likely impress the receiver of your gift. It’s perfect for the traveler or adventurer in all of us. 


Paint Craftology paint by numbers kits come with plenty of pre-mixed paint for those times when your friend or family member needs to apply several coats.


Portable Tabletop Easel


Gift #6: Portable Tabletop Easel


The Portable Tabletop Easel saves your gift recipient’s back and neck because it allows them to sit upright instead of crouching over their painting.


This convenient easel comes with a storage section so they can store their supplies and keep their work area tidy and serene.


Colorful Bouquet Kit


Gift #7: Colorful Bouquet Kit

What a unique way to give someone flowers! Our customers absolutely adore this paint by numbers kit, and it’s probably one of the best gifts you could ever give someone.


The Colorful Bouquet Kit brings out the smiles in all of us, and the flower details are stunning. This canvas is 16” x 20'', perfect for hanging on the wall and decorating a house or apartment. 



Paint by numbers kits make great gifts because they provide hours of relaxing entertainment and your gift recipient can hang them on a wall when they’re done. Gift ideas include Colorful Dog Kit, Sunlit Waves Kit, Swimming Sea Turtle Kit, Headband Magnifying Glasses With Lamp, Santorini Coast Kit, Portable Tabletop Easel, and Colorful Bouquet Kit. For more amazing paint by numbers gift ideas, go here: Paint Craftology.