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Answered: Your Top 10 Paint By Numbers Questions

Posted by raena moralidad on

Answered: Your Top 10 Paint By Numbers Questions

So you just got your very first Paint by Numbers kit, and you are both thrilled and daunted by the prospect of actually completing it. Don't worry, we're here to help!


In this article we answer the most common queries we get from our customers.

1. What's included in my Paint By Numbers kit?


Each kit includes your own premium quality canvas, plenty of paint with all the colors you need to complete your masterpiece, and a set of 3 unique paintbrushes.


2. Does the painting come framed?


Our paintings don't come framed.


We offer 2 types of kits: with frame and no frame. If you choose a kit with a frame, we provide everything you need to stretch the canvas over the frame and hang it to your wall.


3. Should I frame the canvas before or after I paint?


The frame is designed to stretch the canvas out to make it super easy to paint on. We recommend you use the frame before starting.

4. How do I assemble the frame?


Below are the instructions on how to assemble the frame and stretch the canvas:


  1. The wooden frame set includes 2 long strips and 2 short strips. Attach the corner edge of a long strip with a short strip. Do the same with the remaining 2 pieces.
  2. Align the dark edge line of the canvas pattern with the edge of the frame.
  3. Secure the canvas to the frame using thumbtacks or staples. Apply thumbtacks on all sides of the frame.
  4. Lastly, secure all corner edges with thumbtacks.


You can also refer to this step-by-step image.


5. There are wrinkles in my Paint By Numbers canvas. What should I do?


Your canvas is a high-quality material and it can easily be ironed with these easy steps.


Be careful to set your iron on a low to medium heat setting so you don't burn the canvas. Lay your canvas face down onto a thick towel and mist the back of the canvas lightly with water from a fine spray bottle.


Dampen the fabric rather than soaking it. Gently iron over the surface, keeping the iron moving, and your canvas will be wrinkle-free within seconds.


If you are a bit nervous about ironing your canvas, try stretching and rolling the wrinkles out. You can do this by placing your canvas face down onto a clean flat surface, and misting the back of the canvas lightly with water.


Gently start to stretch the canvas out to remove the wrinkles by hand, or roll them out by using a clean rolling pin to roll the canvas flat, applying gentle pressure as you go. As the canvas dries out, the wrinkles should disappear.


6. Is the paint acrylic or oil?


We are using Acrylic. This kind of paint dries quickly so make sure to paint one number at a time. Don't forget to close the lids whenever you are not painting to prevent the paint from drying out.


7. Do I need to mix the paints?


There is no need to mix the paints. The paints included are all packed and labeled with the individual color ID.


8. The paint has dried up! What should I do?


Add 1 to 2 drops of water to help bring the paints back to life. Acrylic paints are water soluble and can be easily thinned out using warm water.


9. Do I need to prime my canvas?


You do not have to prime your canvas for acrylic paint. Some of our customers use clear gesso but this is optional.


10. Will the numbers on the canvas show through?


Most of the time, the numbers underneath don't show through. You do have the option to cover the actual number with white paint, white out pen, or white colored pencils. This will make the numbers easier to cover.


For others, what they've found that works for them is not so much about how many layers but the way you paint over it. Some of our customers go over the number with a thick coat but very lightly, like barely touching the canvas, and don't go over it again.

Now you can dive into your paint by numbers kit brimming with confidence and excitement :-)


Still can't find what you’re looking for? Feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.