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Best Paint By Numbers for Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Posted by raena moralidad on

Best Paint By Numbers for Intermediate and Advanced Levels

When you already have several completed PBN kits under your belt, you might be wondering about paint by numbers for intermediate and advanced levels.


You already know paint by numbers is an amazing hobby for relieving stress and feeling more relaxed. Now, let’s get you acquainted with a few more difficult sets, so you stay challenged and don’t become bored with your hobby.


We recently surveyed our Paint Craftology customers to find out which kits they thought were the trickiest, and you may be surprised by the answers.


In this post, you’ll discover five of the best paint by numbers sets for intermediate and advanced levels so you can decide on which kit to purchase next.


Swimming Sea Turtle Kit


Kit #1: Swimming Sea Turtle Kit


Turtles are majestic creatures that are quiet, shy and harmless yet display great intelligence. This vibrant paint by numbers kit will allow your mind to wander and explore the radiance of the seas as you paint a swimming turtle.


Customers have noted there were many tiny areas to paint on this PBN kit, and this means it’s best done by someone with intermediate paint by numbers skills.


Colorful Sunflower Kit


Kit #2: Colorful Sunflower Kit


This is a complex design with plenty of detail - perfect if you appreciate a challenge.


It contains plenty of yellow and gold areas, but how do you make sure the lines aren’t showing through?


One paint by numbers lover said her solution was to mark over them with a white Sharpie right before she begins a certain area to cover up the lines! Alternatively, just paint a second layer of paint.



Lake Moraine, Canada Kit


Kit #3: Lake Moraine, Canada Kit


Lake Moraine is popular among paint by numbers enthusiasts, and it is faaarr from a beginner’s PBN kit because it has so many tiny areas to paint. Painters say this kit turns out beautiful, vibrant, and realistic.


All Paint Craftology paint by numbers kits come with plenty of pre-mixed paint so you’ll always have a consistent result.



Autumn Forest Kit


Kit #4: Autumn Forest Kit


The Autumn Forest Kit is a good one to relax with, and features many small, detailed areas. Get this paint by numbers kit if you want to use your imagination to venture into a trail through the forest during the fall season.


All Paint Craftology kits come with an optional frame for tightening your canvas so you can stretch your canvas before you begin.


Fishing Village Kit


Kit #5: Fishing Village Kit


Get the Fishing Village Kit if you’re ready for a challenge. This paint by numbers is gorgeous, but it can be a bit on the difficult side because of the many small parts.


Did you know that Paint Craftology has a team of 15 people dedicated to customer happiness? We’re always listening to your feedback and we strive to make you happy when you shop with us.


Plus, all our paint by number kits come with a rock-solid 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee, so you can shop knowing your purchase is safe and risk-free.



Best paint by numbers kits for intermediate and advance painters are those which feature small and detailed areas. If you’re looking for a challenge consider getting Wandering Swimming Sea Turtle, Colorful Sunflower, Lake Moraine, Canada, Autumn Forest, and Fishing Village Kits. To check out all the best high-quality paint by numbers kits for intermediate and advanced levels, go here: Paint Craftology.